Your Personal Power Reveals: How to Break Your Cycle of Fear, Self Sabotage and Unworthiness, And Become the Naturally Confident Person You’ve Wanted to Be All Along

This easy to implement program will show you how to tap into your personal power to break down barriers that are keeping you from true happiness! Plus FREE access to email coaching for 5 weeks with Rachael (me).

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Your Personal Power


People always ask me, what’s the #1 way to improve my confidence TODAY?

And although there is no quick fix to lasting happiness and a healthy commitment to putting yourself on the top of your priority list, I can say I’ve seen both personally and professionally that intuition is the key that unlocks your potential, your happiness and ultimately your freedom to live the life you’re meant to live.

Often you don’t realise that a strong connection with your personal power can mean the difference between...

  • love and loss
  • health and sickness
  • abundance and lack
  • dreams fulfilled and chasing a paycheque

I have 2 questions to ask you:

Are you tired of playing the same game of knowing what you should be doing to enjoy your life and feel happy with your relationships, job, business and personal life?

Are you wasting too much time, energy and attention fixating on what is wrong with your life (hating your job, stressing over choosing work over your family, not prioritising self-care or things you love to do), which leads to taking you away from more productive and enjoyable things you could be doing?

If so, I can absolutely relate! I used to be in the exact same position struggling with my fears of my family and friends seeing me as anything less than perfect, afraid to speak my truth and live the life I knew I so desperately wanted to live.

I was looking for love in all of the wrong places and placing blame on situations and people rather than standing up for myself and my choices. Ultimately I led myself down a path of sadness, regret and guilt.

And while a large part of me thought I was ‘doomed’ to live a life of struggle and disappointment, there was another part of me, a wiser part of me, that knew if I could get myself to the other side of this unhappiness my life would change forever. I trusted that voice and haven’t looked back.

So, I began my journey to find myself after losing it all. I worked with a coach and healer, studied books, took courses, meditated, began loving myself and my body and overtime I began to witness the small changes adding up to real confidence, clarity and trust in myself. For the first time in my life I began to experience the world from my perspective. I dropped the stories about what I should be doing and what would make me happy through society’s eyes and went on a deep dive to uncover who I was and who I wanted to become.

“lt doesn't matter whether you're a successful business person or a
stay at home mum, true happiness is finding self love & confidence.”


You Can Be Your Own Greatest Threat or Your Best Ally,
the #1 Key Blocking You From Having What You Want is Often You!

Intuition is the ‘knowing’ part of you that guides you to speak your truth, know who you are and make conscious and positive choices for your life. Like a snake shedding its skin the more layers you can peel away the more capable you’ll be to access your own personal power for good in your life. By tapping into your intuition, you can find hidden gems that have been within you all along. You’ll notice they just need some polishing.

“What I have found within myself is what I wish for everyone all over the world to have. I want to guide you toward your self confidence and self love so you know and understand you can have it all too. We all have it, it’s a choice whether we choose to look within ourselves to start living our truth.”


That’s exactly why I have created this program for those who are motivated to find the connection between what is missing in your life right now and how to create the vision of your ideal life and begin living it!

No More Guessing and Stressing Over How to Make Your Life Work!

In this program you’ll have access to my best tools, resources and how-to exercises that are easy to complete even if you have a busy schedule. I will personally take you through a new exercise each week which builds upon the prior week to get you tapped into your personal power again.

This program is much more than talking about intuition. The program helps you to unlock who you really are at your core. You’ll be more confident in making choices, setting healthy boundaries and tapping into what feels right and true for you each moment of your day.

No more feeling lost that you haven’t found your purpose yet!
No more pressure to be perfect and have it together!
No more fear that your life is passing you by and that happiness is for others but not for you!
No more doubting your worth and value!
No more saying yes to please others or to be loved!

In this program I am your personal guide, walking you through each step with confidence in a loving, supportive and safe way.

Rachael's Your Personal Power program came into my life at the perfect time. After moving interstate, I was so busy trying to get my life and business in order that I forgot about who I really was and what I really wanted. The program was well structured, asked me the right questions to get me back on track and allowed me to connect with myself again. Each weeks activities were fun and insightful and I really looked forward to doing them. I know I will continue to use these tools in the future. Rachael is such a lovely, warm and genuine person who not only made me feel comfortable, but made me trust in myself again. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and words of wisdom.

Kavisha Jega

I reached out to Rachael in an effort to connect to my inner voice and discover my inner happiness again. Chatting to Rachael and doing the Your Personal Power program has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. She has an incredible gift of making you feel comfortable and at ease with her straight away. Rachael is so understanding and supportive. She encourages you to listen to and love yourself. I have learnt to let go of negative feelings, open up my heart and mind and listen to my inner voice. Rachael helped guide me to realise my goals and dreams and has truly inspired me to acknowledge and embrace my full potential. I no longer feel I am constantly fighting with myself. I feel at peace and I am so deeply grateful for Rachael’s help and guidance.

Samara Holliday

One simple action can make a huge difference! I discovered Rachael through clicking 'like' on her business page on Facebook, it was the best decision I ever made. I was suffering from depression at the time, when I discovered Rachael's blog, it uplifted and changed me in ways I never thought possible. You can only imagine my excitement when Your Personal Power program was released. Initially my mind was 'blocked' on the very first question but Rachael helped me to practice meditation, quieten the mind and follow my intuition. When my energy shifted I began answering the questions so swiftly, that I knew the answers were coming straight from my heart, not from my ego and that's what really took me by surprise. During the program there were times that I became frustrated with myself and at one point all of emotions of bitterness, anger and disappointment flowed instead of words of love and hope, but later I learnt this was just energy shifting. At the end of the program, I felt like a changed person. If you are truly committed to changing yourself and your life, I strongly recommend Rachael’s Personal Power Program, it has changed my life.

Humaiira Tahsin
Your Personal Power

In this program you'll discover how to:

  • Create a crystal clear picture of how your actions are causing stress and overwhelm so that you can finally feel confident and grounded
  • Discover your inner strength and why it’s the cornerstone to you living your dream life
  • Create the ultimate, juicy vision for the life you dream of living!
  • Understand what intuition is and is not and how to access it easily in your daily life
  • Learn the exact tools to ‘feel’ your way through tough & uncomfortable situations even if you’re normally afraid to speak up
  • Finally feel confident in taking time for yourself and feeling satisfied about what that personally looks like for you

You'll also learn:

  • The correct way to use affirmations to support your daily life
  • How to uncover YOUR unique gifts and talents even if you have no idea where to begin
  • How to discover the #1 hidden source of your happiness
  • Dive into your purpose! Why you are here and what you are meant to do
  • Let your intuition be your guide for greater personal power, creativity and fun even if you’ve never been able to access it before

Your Personal Power

Listen to what my clients have to say...

Before ‘Your Personal Power’, I was very unsure of direction, and rarely listened to my intuition. The exercise on affirmations made a shift in my awareness. I am now working on choosing my affirmations, rather than letting them choose me - with the help of my guides. I am a new business owner, the week before it started, I fell in a heap emotionally. I had a 5 minute chat with Rachael, she guided me to focus on my ‘Self Image’ statement that I created during the program, which helped shift my mindset and brought me back into a focused and much more empowered state. I felt calm and in tune with the true reason why I decided to do what I love. I am so grateful. Rachael has a knack of cutting through the BS of our fears and is often more in tune with us than we even realise. This program has helped me create a clear vision, in a very important time of my life, where clarity is exactly what I needed!

Amy Ferguson

Before I started the Your Personal Power program I was confused about how to reach my goals (and what they actually were) and I had self-limiting beliefs that were blocking abundance in my business and in my life. The program assisted me to set intentions for my life and business and to identify my self-limiting beliefs and how to dissolve them. I also learnt how to use  intuition to identify my goals and dreams and to create abundance in my life and business. Since completing the program I am beginning to expand my business to include other services and products that I would never have had the confidence to do before the program! This is a big deal to me as I've had strong self-limiting beliefs all of my life and never thought that I could make a business or have success in my life. Thank you Rach, you are inspiring. I feel empowered and that I can achieve my dream and goals!

Jaqueline Snell

As a result of 'Your Personal Power', I was able to not only open up my intuition but also now have confidence within myself to act on my inner guidance. The program opened up my awareness and I was able to really tune in and discover which direction my life needed to go in, to make me truly happy. I couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed these changes. I learnt many tools during the program that have given me great insight into myself and who I am. The highlight was creating my 5 year life vision, this taught me how to tune in and see how my soul really wants my life to look and how to create that.

Ashlea Loveday

What You're Getting

Your Personal Power program is made up of:

  • 6 emails over a 5 week period to support and guide you through the process from beginning to end. Each email is designed to give you a specific set of instructions that help you to focus on your action steps for the week. You’ll know exactly what to do and when with a detailed plan spelling out how to complete each exercise guaranteed to give you clarity and focus. Your online coaching program will be emailed and will start instantly after purchase!
  • Access to my personal email address in which you can receive additional support. Sometimes it can be hard when you feel like you’re on your own and this is exactly why I am here to support you through this process 100%. You’ll have the opportunity to reach out, ask questions and allow me to share stories and suggestions for you to really shine! I’ll help you through your struggles and also cheer you on when you experience successes so you can ride the wave of positivity and forward momentum throughout the course.

This course is like having unlimited full on access to me for 5 weeks — an experience only my private clients receive and for about 20 times more of an investment! Because I believe in this process and the success it has been able to provide for 99% of my clients, I don’t want anything to stand in the way of someone who is truly ready to lose the fear and begin living the life that is meant for you.

I know not everyone is ready. Because, quite frankly, you have to admit to yourself that you don't like the way things are for you right now. And that can be tough. But we happen to know for a fact that people who say yes to self love - and keep committed to themselves through inner work - all have one thing in common.

They all get to a point when they say: ENOUGH.

And then they decide to take action and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

That's the reason why this groundbreaking program is so affordable. I want anyone who is truly ready to experience transformation without giving up their enjoyment of life to have the tools you need to make it happen.

I've already seen it happen for many of my clients. And now, I want it to happen for you.

For that reason, the total investment for the “Your Personal Power” program is just AU$37. Click here to purchase.

My goal in sharing this information is to teach you how to go from the painful burden of not knowing who you are or how to turn your life around to feeling confident, peaceful and grounded in your everyday life. Can you imagine if the emotional roller coaster you once called your life finally found a rhythmic balance and ease leaving you more motivated, passionate and alive living for all of the right reasons for the very first time?

100% Risk Free!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


I stand firmly behind everything I offer. To set you completely at ease I offer a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee. You have 30 days to test drive the material in this program and start seeing results.

If after fully using the material laid out and reaching out to me for email coaching you don’t think the transformative material in this program delivers on what it promises, you are welcome to return it for 100% of your money back.

Please note: you will only get the results you want, if you put the work in. In order to receive your refund, I will ask you to submit your completed exercises as proof you have been working through each exercise and communicating with me for email coaching. I want the results for you, just as much as you do!

Here’s the bottom line: If you follow this program and implement the tools you are given, you will experience a transformation in your confidence and your relationship with yourself — guaranteed.

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If you’d like 5 weeks of direct, supportive learning, tools and exercises designed to support you in stepping into your personal power, AND personal one on one email coaching based directly on your unique situation from me, Your Personal Power has been created for you.

Your Personal Power

I would be honoured and excited to personally support you to your happiest life.


Rachael Campbell x
Rachael Campbell